Sticks and stones

I've been making small drawings lately of sticks, rocks, bones and shells. These are all done in a 5x8 sketchbook. Tiny. Mostly the sane size as what I'm drawing. Focusing on the details, you can see the tiny scars and nicks that represent the life and history of the object and creature it used to be. 


Spring (Cleaning) Break

After helping a friend move, and discussing the common problem of shoving boxes of Miscellaneous into basements, we dove into ours to see what could be organized. My figure drawings surfaced (after more than 10 years in hiding), I came to the conclusion I was both better and worse than I imagined at the time.

I was also surprised how much I was drawn to my quick sketches and gestures more than the more complete drawings.

Anyway, here is a blast from the past. I photographed many of the drawings before separating them into two piles. One was laid flat in a box and moved to under the bed (out of the basement!). The other was thrown into the recycling can. If anyone ever wanted to see my undergraduate drawings, well, I have photographs of them, and that will have to be good enough.


Prison Obscura

My work was a part of this wonderful exhibition on photographers working with prison(er)s.